Curiosidades sobre el golf que quizás no conoces

Curiosities about golf that you may not know

Golf is considered an individual sport that has the purpose of introducing each of the 18 holes that the field has.

The player wins when he has completed the course with the least number of hits possible. The requirement of golf will always depend on the player who is playing since he will have the mission of determining the objectives he wants to achieve within the course.

The good thing about this sport is that it is intended for any age and time of the year, which is a great advantage over others. Once we know what golf is all about, we have selected a certain number of facts that will surprise you:

1- The origin of the word golf comes from a Dutch expression "kolve" or "kolf" which means "club". For this reason, this sport has always been hand in hand with exclusivity.

2- The normal thing is that a golf course has the 18 holes that we have talked about previously, but it can be the case of finding a course with 9 holes since this is the minimum.

3- Where you start to play this sport is called "tee" and where the hole is called "green". The area that includes both is called “street”.

4- The bag where you carry the clubs is usually made up of four woods and ten irons. The wood is intended for long shots, the iron for a medium length and the "putter" to put the ball in the hole.

5- 25% of golfers are women. The first women's tournament took place on January 1 in Musselburgh.

6- The golfer has a 1 in 12,500 chance of making a hole in one. On the other hand, the golfer's chance of making two holes in one is 1 in 67 million.

7- The oldest golf tournament is the British Open, which was founded in 1860. This year the 150th edition was held in July.
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