Esto es lo que necesitas para organizar un torneo de Golf

This is what you need to organize a golf tournament

Have you ever stopped to think about everything involved in holding a golf tournament? Keep reading and we'll tell you everything .

⛳️ Perhaps when you have stopped to watch these tournaments, questions like: how many balls will they have in a tournament? How many employees are needed to carry out these types of events? How many gardeners will work there?

👉🏻 In our blog we will answer these questions that you ask yourself when you see this type of tournament on television, that is another, how many kilometers of cable will you need to transmit the entire golf course?

🏌🏼‍♀️ To carry out a golf tournament, you must know that the complexity is much greater than that of a football match. They start preparing the last tournament organized in Sotogrande, Aramco Team Series , a month and a half before it starts. When the tournament ends, what they usually do is dismantle everything and the used material is usually transferred in order to reuse it in other tournaments, otherwise the cost of money would be very high.

🤔 Around 108 golf players of more than 25 nationalities have played in this tournament and 14 of them are number one in their countries. The prizes of this tournament are valued around 1 million dollars.

🏌🏻‍♂️ In response to your questions, in these types of tournaments, 9,000 golf balls, 1,728 golf clubs, 90 buggies, 50 vehicles to facilitate the transfer of the players, 150 volunteers, 36 security personnel to ensure for the smooth running of the tournament, 6 members of the Civil Guard...

⛳️ In relation to the most important thing about the tournament, there are 48 gardeners working to get the fields in good condition for the game, there are 26 cooks to feed all the people in the tournament, 450 organization people and also 16 tents and 26 booths.

📺 In addition, so that the tournament can be broadcast properly on television so that we can watch it in our homes, there are 13 television towers, 24 cameras, 25 km of cable around the entire field.

⭐️ These large figures that we have just mentioned are what make it possible for these types of tournaments to be carried out and for this reason, their preparation takes that month and a half of assembly that we mentioned at the beginning.

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