hándicap en el golf

Handicap in Golf

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world . Since it is highly recommended for physical and mental health, it can be practiced at any age and has a great social component. If you want to know more about golf, in today's post we are going to talk about handicap.

What is the handicap in golf?

The handicap or "disadvantage" is a system to measure the level of a non-professional golf player . It is based on determining the number of strokes needed to complete a round of 18 holes. And compare them with the strokes that each field has stipulated, which is known as par.

Let's see it more clearly with an example . Imagine that a course has a par of 60 and you have finished the holes with a total of 75 shots. In this case, your handicap would be 15. It is also possible to have a negative handicap if you finish early. In this sense, if you finished in 55 strokes, your handicap would be -5.

Can I have my own handicap?

Any person who is fond of golf can have a handicap. However, it is essential that they be associated with the official body of their country . And also that they appear at the official tournaments. In Spain, everything related to this sport is the responsibility of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation. So your first step will be to federate and pay the fees.

What is it for?

The handicap in golf is used to establish the level of the players . In this way, different categories can be created in the competitions so that all participants have options to win. This value constantly changes based on the results obtained, in order to reflect the current ability of each athlete.

When it comes to playing a tournament , the player who has finished the circuit first is declared the winner, which is known as Scratch. However, even if you don't end up in the top positions, improving your handicap is in itself a great personal success. And it will encourage you to keep progressing in the future.

What is the HMS?

Until recently, each country or association had its own methods for calculating the handicap. But in 2020 the World Handicap System (SMH) was established, to which more than 60 countries have adhered, including Spain. Its operation is very simple. You only have to choose the 8 best results of the last 20 laps that the player has made. And get the mean.

How to improve it?

The handicap can only be improved by participating in official competitions . To do this, you will have to finish the 18 holes with fewer strokes than last time. There are several tables to calculate your handicap depending on the results. Although you can also do it by multiplying by 0.5 the number of strokes you have cut.

For example, if you completed the tournament with 4 strokes less and you had a handicap of 10, you will now have a handicap of approximately 8. Progress depends on the characteristics of each player. And as we get closer to the par of the course, it will become more and more complicated.

There are no tricks. If you want your handicap to drop below 5, it is essential that you practice often , have quality equipment and the guidance of a personal trainer. At My Golf Look we can help you, since we have a wide variety of clothing, footwear and other accessories to enjoy your favorite sport. Visit us whenever you want!

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