Las 5 razones por las que tienes practicar Golf

The 5 reasons why you have to practice Golf

Exercising is positive for both our mind and our body. And golf, in that, meets expectations very well.

Practicing it without pressure, in contact with the fertile nature of the province of Malaga and taking advantage of it as the opportunity for socialization that it really represents are some of the benefits of golf for health .

Do you want to know the rest? Keep reading and discover the reasons why it is worth letting yourself be surprised by the charms of Golf!

1. Strengthen your muscles

Although it may not seem like it, golf helps a lot to strengthen muscles. Mainly the heart. As? Its moderate but regular practice helps to control body weight and synthesize vitamin D, thanks to exposure to sunlight .

All this thanks to its anaerobic nature ( health and golf are linked because it is a sport that does not cause fatigue) as it is practiced outdoors. And, since the average number of calories burned per game is close to 1,000, every step a player takes on the green tones their body muscles and prevents osteoporosis .

2. Say goodbye to stress!

Golf is health and, if you don't believe it, try practicing it and you will see how your stress drops! If golf represents something, it is tranquility . It is one of the most relaxed sports practices that exists and this has an impact on the player's stress levels .

Whether it's for competition or just for fun, playing golf will help you release those endorphins that are dormant inside you . The feeling of well-being and happiness associated with golf is undeniable. Experience it!

3. Cultivate your social relationships

Golf is ideal for socializing not only before or after your practice, but also during the game. Cultivate your relationships! More and more fans of this sport are encouraged to book at least one getaway a year to enjoy golf . And the truth is that there is no shortage of reasons: from catching up to getting to know each other a little better, those who play golf have extraordinary opportunities to socialize in very relaxed and favorable conditions.

4. Work the mind and concentration

Taking care of your posture, making sure you have a good grip and making a technically impeccable swing are common steps in golf. And all of them, as well as the calculation of distances and forces to put the ball in the hole, force the player to work his mind.

Concentration is strengthened and subsequent evasion is guaranteed. Not surprisingly, golf is a highly recommended sport for adults with early Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, as it helps to balance their mind with the objective of the game and all the movements required to achieve it.

5. Commune with nature

Extensive fields, lots of greenery, the pleasant aroma of vegetation and incomparable views. These are the added advantages of playing golf, especially in places as privileged as the Costa del Sol. Communion with nature is a reality, with the fusion of mountains and sea being a great incentive to practice this sport in the province of Malaga.

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