Reglamento Golf

Golf Regulations

The Golf industry is not satisfied with the New European Regulations for the Regulation of Phytosanitary Products .

The draft of the European regulation by which the sustainable use of products to protect plants is regulated has been approved. The entities of the sector have shown their disagreement with this regulation, as well as the prohibition of the use of chemical phytosanitary products.

Golf courses are private facilities since they have access control, rules of use and behavior, which distances the reality of their management from that of other green sports or leisure and enjoyment areas.

These spaces provide a calm and stable habitat for plants and animals, therefore, for the maintenance of these fields they have a wide catalog of tools called Integral Pest Control.

This Control includes all the activities that are carried out in said fields such as mowing, fertilization, irrigation... but sometimes, there are imbalances or threats that this type of tools are not capable of alleviating and for this reason, other types of tools have to be used. of biological control, biostimulants or phytosanitary control.

Within the 2030 agenda of the sustainable development goals, the European Union has carried out a proposal applicable to all areas by which it defines sports fields as sensitive areas and prohibits the use of the aforementioned phytosanitary products, as well as such as those of biological origin or those of low risk.

This measure would mean the disappearance of the gold fields in southern Europe as a result of the climatic differences in other countries, a greater threat of pests, which in turn would affect other sports such as professional football, horse riding, etc.

Without the use of these tools, the so-called weeds that cannot be controlled would be produced and would be lost with the onset of winter and summer, thus causing holes in the grass and, with it, its progressive loss.

In relation to golf, if this regulation were applied, there would be effects on the facilities, since not being able to use tools for phytosanitary control would make it very difficult to play on the courses, since the areas would lose density and would become earth, the ball would would fill with mud, etc.

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