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Manual golf cart Turfglider 3 wheels

Manual golf cart Turfglider 3 wheels

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Manual golf cart Turfglider 3 wheels

In the last 5 years, there has been a huge increase in the sales of high-end pushcarts, as technology has allowed improvements to lightweight frames and easy-to-disassemble mechanisms. Many golfers are turning away from electric carts to these models.

Buying a manual golf cart has very clear benefits: You don't have to charge the battery after every round or replace it once every two years, and most importantly, it doesn't break down.

How many of you have been stranded on the 8th hole far from the clubhouse with a broken down car? The new generation of handcarts gives you all the benefits of electric carts without the hassle.

Buy manual golf cart 3 wheels with the following characteristics:

- 3 quick fold steps
- Extra light aluminum frame construction.
- Ergonomic grip handle includes a drink holder, scorecard holder, tee holder and ball holder
- Extra large storage compartment for other accessories
- Manual golf cart with 3 wheels and wide wheelbase guarantees optimal stability and easy maneuverability
- Quick release wheels for easy storage (including the front wheel)
- It has a foot brake in one click
- Comes with a free umbrella stand that can be stored behind the handle when not in use
- Height adjustable shaft to cater for golfers of all heights
- 1 year full warranty

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